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"The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,


Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit


Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,


Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it."


-Omar Khayym


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Poetry from ashspace

'Mark' Mehmet Murat Ildan
Barry M. Ortlip ariel Chad Hurwitz
Greg Dilley Lost  
Bernadette Simpson Per Persson Overtaking Emotion
TCW   Robert Lee
shadowdemon shrew Stephanie Gray
bundo anon1 Michelle Schweiss
Thomas Wellborn The Room Ceiling=Lyric=Pentameter
violet & In the Arms of Death
Dan Lodz Dose Antonio Limon (1966-1996)
Mark O'Pella James Matthews Sylvia Owl
Countess Elizabetha anon2 WhiteWolf2
mdelellis DJ! Morgan
Clark Ziglar Hammer Sophy
JettBlack anon3 Michele Noeud
Euclid nf2912 Ashley Kunz
Gulardin anon4 The Black Rook
anon5 Richard B. anon6
D. Brown MaTriXxx Black Visions (aka SJTJ)
familygal bob. kafkaesque
Icarus Falling Rund Robert
fallen raven ThONLY1284 Tom Stowell
stephie189 anon7 Chuck in Chicago
Lachesis Jene mezero
Nick Koivisto anon8 Tamara
mayel  Sarah Brinkley erin
Daimon Hellschlong  Vilje Tired
Victoria Lowery Qsuess Jeremy
Collaborations Sony Estrella Priidu U.
London movien Debbie D
Adam Burrell hjrm anon9
Galen pup ch
nick s. Krisann B anon10
mistwalker dive Magnus Pym
anon11 VeSpA lassy
small fry Chelsea Rose syan
HRB taoman Steckel
tammie eddy anon12 Richey x
CL bananafish Megan


Genesis Awry's Back Tattoo Violet's tattoo
Hecate of the Spinach Fields


Favorite Poetry by Others

Dorothy Parker Edward Arlington Robinson Altman & Mandell
Sylvia Plath Cesare Pavese Robert Louis Stevenson
Popular song lyrics Edgar Allan Poe Traditional
William Blake Lord Byron Robert Herrick
Gilbert O'Sullivan Herman Hesse Lord Tennyson
Robert A. Heinlein John Beecher Emily Dickinson


A postscript Shatter The Stone
euclid k. i am a camera sara f.
S. A. Voisine jenwolf Disappearing Peter
Kenton Garrett Novak Dasman
bittertwist Locke iwannhs aklehs
small fry Coleman James Megan


Fang's Finger File Dave Conibear anonymous note
Andrew Kurtz' Last Posts Memorial Site for Mike B. Debbie H.
Jeroen Andrew Leena/Aion's Site
Plan B's site    

Miscellaneous writings

OD'ing? - A Warning Webpage links Some Words
Suicide & Reason Keirsey Temperament results Hume's essays on Suicide
GK's idea of a funeral Impressions of regular posters Kirsten's OD
KillASoul Ryun H.  


Poetry from ashspace Art Poetry by others
Stories Goodbyes Miscellaneous Writings


"A 'friend' is the sort of person you could safely entrust the proofreading of your suicide note to. There are depressingly few of them out there."
- Mats Andtbacka

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