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From: (Dave Conibear)
Subject: Here we go...
Organization: Carleton University
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1992 17:19:19 GMT

Hey, fellow ASHers!  Listen up, because this is the closest thing to
A Note that I'm going to write.

After a lot of research and a lot more thought, I've gone with the KCN
dissolved in cold water.  I'm not quite sure about the volume of 1.5g
of KCN, so I'm erring on the high side.  Yes, I know I'm subject to
"throat irritation" if I do that... sometimes, ya just gotta live on
the edge.  :)

I'm expecting unconsciousness after about 1 minute.  I've skipped all
meals for the past 24 hours to make sure I've got a nice acidic
stomach (HCl + KCN -> KCl + HCN(g), I hope), and when my stomach
started rumbling embarrassingly, I quaffed a grapefruit juice (most
acidic thing I could think of offhand).

I'll be going with the "plastic bag and rubber band" backup system...
a nice big garbage bag, so I won't be uncomfortable for that minute of

The computer is programmed to wait 36 hours and then phone 911, to
prevent any of my friends discovering the body.  This news message is
also on a delay timer, just in case there are any closet
interventionists lurking.

If this DOESN'T work, I'll try to get someone to post that tidbit to
a.s.h. so none of you ends up making the same mistake.

Oh, a final note... in case the group gets any flak about this, let it
be known that a.s.h. was not a promoting cause in my suicide.  Had it
not been for this group, my best plan to date was to get pissed drunk
and dive off the roof of my apartment building (yes, I have a key).  I
think this is cleaner all 'round.

Have a nice life!



This Week at Carleton October 8, 1992
David Q. Conibear

On Friday, October 2, 1992, members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics were shocked to learn of the unexpected death of David Q. Conibear, computer software engineer in the department for the past two and a half years.

A Carleton alumnus, David was one of the

most talented students to graduate from the department, and it was a particular pleasure when he returned to fill the newly created position of computer software engineer. An incredibly skilled typesetter with a detailed knowledge of TeX, his position involved keeping the computers and networks running in a large department.      Over 10 years ago, David attended the Carleton University High School Mathematics Club and entered the honours mathematics program with a 98.1 percent overall average from Merivale High School. Upon graduation in 1987 he received the President's Medal. Fluent in French, Spanish and American Sign Language, he loved teaching, as his students can testify, and had been a sessional lecturer both here and at Algonquin College. He had tutored students in science and mathematics since his high school days.

But for many of us it will be David Q's wit, intelligence, and helpfulness that will be remembered for a long time. David came into contact every day with many staff, students, and faculty members and he lifted our spirits and our appreciation of life. He will be sorely missed.

DEATH NOTICE - "The Ottawa Citizen" October 8, 1992

CONIBEAR, DAVID Q.-     Peacefully at his home on Wednesday, September 30, 1992, in his 28th year. Beloved son of Mildred and Roy. Beloved brother of Elizabeth, Mary and Ann. Beloved friend of many. Memorial service to be held on October 18, 1992 at the Ottawa Citadel of the Salvation Army, 1350 Walkley Road, at 6:30pm. All are welcome. David will be remembered by all for his help to others.

A humorous post Dave made about juggling

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"Each victim of suicide gives his act a personal stamp which expresses his temperament, the special conditions in which he is involved, and which, consequently, cannot be explained by the social and general causes of the phenomenon."
-Émile Durkheim

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