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Login: fang           			Name: E. "Fang" Rosenstein
Directory: /u1/fang                 	Shell: /bin/csh
Office: 2011 Fish, x3101		Home Phone: x3101
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This is my project file. I say things in here. After this is my plan file. It has depressing things i've said. It won't matter a fetid dingo's kidneys once I'm dead. This file also has depressing things I've said, but it has a little more structure. You probably finger(1)'d me to find out some stuff about me. I am usually funnier than this. Really- here a joke: I wonder if Data has a list of turn on's and turn off's. Well, most people don't think I am funny, but I do and I'm not most people. Most people aren't anywhere as depressed as I am. Most people's lives don't suck bad enough to give a black hole a run for it's money. Most people don't have to think about all the evil things I think about. Most people gawk at members of the opposite sex. Most people want to have kids. Most people's main goal in everyday existance is to have sex with a member of the opposite sex. Most people don't like me cause of the way I am. Most people can't deal with the concept of death. Most people belive in some sort of god. Most people think there is some good to be found in people. Most people don't sit in dark user centers writing depressing project files on X11 terminals. Most people arent nearly as quiet as I am. Most people have something of value to say to other people. Most people don't consider computers toys to be played with and discovered. Most people don't belive that suicide is a viable option. Ohwell, thats what I had to say about most people. I guess I am really not most people. Let me see if I can give a clue to what I AM: iam depressed, agile, longhaired, angstfull, averageheight, unfashonable, blueyed, quiet, introverted, silly, hairy, computertalented, tonedeaf, different, highmetabolism, brownhair, stronglegs, affectionate, asexual, thinkish, broody, badtyping, moody, nicknamed, russianborn, ritstudent, csmajor, bikechainbracelet, yuckyrealname, observant, socialmoron, philosophical, pessimistic, smellyfeet, nolife, alone, tired, unpolitical, pissedoff, hatebeer, badjokes, neversmoked, clever, unmotivated, nogoals, hatelife, childish, lovehack, wontgrowup, worrysome, defeatist, likemusic.

Plan: Have a nice death \ Some people are alive because its illegal to kill them \ Life is for people who cant deal with suicide \ ignorance is bliss. knowledge is power. power corrupts \ Pessimists are what the optimists call the realists. Suicidals are what the pessimists call the real pessimists \ The reason they have no commercials saying "Do Life" is because dead people won't do comercials saying "Do Death." \ Time waits for no man but death waits for all men \ The only reason I finished the project so fast is 'cause I haven't been to class in a week anahaf \ Pain is bad, death is good. It takes a while to appreciate the difference \ My life is pointless because I cannot be a god. My mind is a tough one to please \ Falling in love doesn't kill people. Landing does \ A death of a loved one can be very traumatic. luckily most sucidals have low self esteem \ The promise of death is the only thing keeping some people alive \ Taking ones life is hard when there is somebody one cares about \ To be great is to be misunderstood \ Just one more hack before I have to go to bed, just one more... \ If you do it for you, it will be true \ Strength through mindlessness \ Shit: were all in it together \ Nice, selfless people don't restore my faith in humanity, they restore my faith in randomness \ If you are happy then you aren't thinking hard enough \ When things seem the best, it is time to worry most intensely



"On the way home I cried, not only because he left but because I remembered so many other friends that I have lost. People that I loved and are gone now, one way or the other. Memories can hurt so much. It makes me think how other people will feel when I go. Will they remember me a couple of years later and cry? Or will they just forget that I existed? Does it really matter?"
- Hill

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