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Today I die;
This simple phrase
Puts a swift end
To my grey days.
Today I die;
Yes, yes, today.
I cannot wait,
I can't delay -
Today I die.

Today my end
Will come to be,
My life become
Fait accompli,
And my last breath
Will float away
And bid goodnight
To life's sad day -
Today I die.

A simple end
To complex life,
An end to pain,
An end to strife,
An end to grey
And pointless days,
An end to blame,
An end to praise -
Today I die.

A simple stroke
With a sharp knife,
And it's all over
For this life;
My life-blood drips
In pools of red,
And says what I
Have left unsaid -
Today I die.

- Anonymous

Last update: Sunday, March 12, 2000 17:40

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