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Days go by, each one filled with futility
And time is killed			over and over again
Miles, endless, are traversed	on paths that lead to nowhere
The senses all fade and die, everything but pain

Rays of sunlight slipping through the curtains at daybreak
Fall on my waking eyes
And fill my heart with an ethereal glee
But too soon everything dies

And you feel that nothing could be better
Than the way you felt right then
But does it ever last?
Tell me when...

I will petrify time to save a moment like this
Filled with purity and heavenly bliss...

But I will do nothing
Just as no one ever did anything
To stop from slipping inside this mire
I will not take a decision
It takes meticulous revision
Of the sickening details of a reality
Encumbering my crumbling frame

A much pleasanter experience
Of being lost in a wilderness
Be it of pain
There is nothing 		to lose or to gain
As I hold on to it 		as my last
Like grains of sand it slips through my fingers fast

I will let go
It's time to go...


Last update: Sunday, June 20, 1999 16:48

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