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Hold My Hand

You've come along
At just the wrong time
Here I lie
Veins slit open
Dying, listening to Queen

Don't make a fuss
Don't bind the wounds
Just leave the phone alone
Hold my hand
I don't want to die alone

You're talking
But I can't hear you
It fades away
Darkness sweetly calling

Do I regret it?
It's too late now
My heart has been bled dry
Hold my hand
I don't want to die alone.

Broken Prayers

There's a quiet place in my heart, love;
I go there sometimes, when the world I know
Seems too dim to bear. There is no sight,
No sound, no sense at all;
Just pure, blissful nothingness,
Where pain and pleasure have no place,
And I can think in peace.
Sometimes, I feel you there,
Sharing my refuge from the night;
We comfort each other, in thoughts alone,
Divorced from harsh reality's grasp.
I pray to the empty skies
That we may always be there
Where the real world is the dream.

My quiet place is broken now, love;
Now when the light is gone, I have no place
To rest my weary soul. Sensation invades
My haven now; grief, anguish, pain;
I yearn for quiet oblivion,
But am trapped in rote-learned reality
And cannot find my peace.
I know you are there now,
Hurting as much as I.
We cannot bear the other's presence,
It only brings back the pain.
I bite back prayers that I know won't be answered
For my, your, our release,
And am pulled back into my nightmare.


I wander in the cold
I shiver in the wind
But I am content, if not happy
I know nothing more

But I feel something else
Flickering, faintest warmth
I follow the growing flame
I let it engulf me.

It burns, hurts so good
My clothing (armor?) sears away
I dance naked in the flame

It's gone, what, where did it go?
The wind is back, I'm out in the cold,
Naked, huddled up against my world
I am alone again.


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