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Clearer Reflection

Burning visions in mind's eye
Hateful bud, thrashing vine
near entransment time clutters
cast a spell of vicous mutters
Do unto thee just in spite
courage chokes fear bites
in view light of lyme
crooked thoughts, crooked spine
emotions hidden feelings null
against flesh the knife will dull
time continues power strengthens
sucking life from its victims
paranoia has set in
let me know when it begins
when you find it hard to breathe
know all others do deceive
thoughts of pain rage and rant
death leaves you hesitant
coral bones waves of blood
taunt the spirits from above
disappointment lies and fails
lonely souls cry and wail

11/7 8:53

Mysterious Stalker

Lurking and watching,
knowing my fears
through the years
feeling the depth
the singe of his stare
whomever it is
im not aware
i feel the wrath
his judgment scorches
upon my flesh
a thousand torches
no place left
to turn and hide
by these rules
should i abide?
dumb-struck hope
in a daze
followers consumed
by the craze
who conducts
life's symphony
lost in his palm
nowhere to flee
how can i escape
his vengeful mob
who watches,
is it God?

11/7 9:30 p.m.

crashing hours

eternal time
hyseteric clock
now disputing
between itself
nothing matters
both hands collide
hour shatters
constantly awaiting
the ringing phone
just to be all alone
disowning my friends
and thus, my life
making amends
oh gentle knife
acid mends
the shallow holes
beneath the bridge
awaits the trolls
mocking foolishly
you beliefs
staggering blindly
i trip on relief
waves supress
my every breath
destroying life
or what was left

-Ashley Kunz

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