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A poem by Greg Dilley

I collect my wounds,
all sorts, some deep, some not.
my wounds to my heart,
my wounds to my soul,
my wounds to my love,
I collect them all -

I keep my wounds with me,
coveted, and closely guarded,
I let no one take my wounds away,
nor will I let them heal,
I collect my wounds.

Banners in the wind, server as a warning to all.

I will show you the wounds you have given me,
everytime we meet.
I will always remind you of those wounds,
you gave me,
and I've kept,
and I now collect.

I will never let you forget....

When I think we may be growing close,
and when I feel your love,
My wounds will I present,
as a warrior presents his shield,
and wields his sword,
with intent to maim.

I will never let you forget,
that I can never be happy,
because of what you have done...
to me...

Greg Dilley

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