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SNOWMAN One f*cked up world Friend Till The End
alone again THE DARKNESS Happy ending
Leaving MArch 11th drip drip


How am I feeling you ask.
Have you ever felt the smile of a snow man?
He appears so happy and joyful
but his smile is cold, ice cold
chilly to the touch
like my sole

No one cares that, that snowman will not live a long live
He will melt away to nothingness
with in a few short warm weeks
The sun may appear happy to you
But not to him
Its the dark grin ripper coming
and claming this life away.

One f*cked up world

You ask why I am I crying
Why I shed tears
in these times of hard ship
Why not smile! You say
Is there really something to smile about?
People die every day.
many of those who die
don't wish to die
other have no choice
but are driven' to death
you ask why I'm crying
I ask how can you smile.
how can you smile
an innocent child is killed of hunger
well another is driven to suicide

no one understands
but we all can't be depressed right.
Wear a smile,
take it in,
don't let anyone know.

Friend Till the End

(this is dedicated to my friend Amy Duven, 1984-1999)

We always said we'd be friends tell the end, right?
Until along came that unforgiving night
You never knew how much you changed me
people always say thetas the way things were meant to be
I'd always planned to do it together
but you just couldn't wait forever
I called you up
and yet you never answered
little did I know,
I thought, maybe shes just not home
maybe she went out for a walk
the morning after came so slowly
as my phone began to ring
I felt so happy and joyful
but only to answer it and hear the voice of your sister
why'd you have to do it
you couldn't wait just one more year
We could have died together
a smile then a tear
friends till the end, right?
this ending came too soon
As I stay in my house thinking of you
hoping you some place where you are happy
just waiting
for the day I join you
soon my friend soon

alone again

Alone again is what I'll be
why can't you people see
I was made this way
and forever I shall stay
my friend all seem to betray me
whether it be a she or a he
no one ever loves me
they say they do
there all lieing too
no one will ever love me
no one will ever see


the darkness seems to grow every day
isnt ever way
I try to put on a smile and be happy
to make the peopel around me happy
for all I want is for all the people
around me to be joyful
I don't want for any one else to feel these pain
I wish you all to be happy
I am a lost sole
don't try to help me now
I've sunken to deep in the depth of the hole of darkness
no more loving
no more caring
no more tears that shall be cryed
as this darkness seems to grow it swollows me a whole

Happy ending

When I was young people used to read my stories that always ended happyly
I always thought that was the way every thing would be
or at least was ment to be
I shall always wish my friend the best of luck and love
I care deeply about them all
none of them ever will know the way I feel
the darkness that takes over me
I always try to be happy with them
they are my new friends
but I love them none the less
they care so much about me
I'm only afraid I'll hurt them more
so when I leave to my happy world
please don't shed a tear for me
unless it be a tear of happyness
for you shall know I have gone on to a better place
to a place where I feel no more pain
and cause no more pain
live your life a happy life
for now my life has ended
and we all lived happyly ever after my death


Don't cry
don't be sad
I'm gone now
never to return
I'm leaving now
as the world slowly fades away from me
I'm leaving on a happy train
but don't you worry
you will not need to join me
I'll be meeting some old friend there
in the new happy little place
I'll hope to see you in many many years
in the happy little place
I waves good bye
and tell you once more not to cry
for you have many more years ahead

MArch 11th

all I ever seem to do is cry
all I ever want to do is die
would it be soo easy
I know it may sounds chessey
just lay my neck upon the track
never ending don't look back
I hear the train around the corner
soon I'll be headed to the morner
oh happy day nothing more to say

drip drip

" is that blood?"
" no no not at all "
as the warm red liquid
slowly pour from my broken vain
creaping its way down my arm
I cut again and again deeper and deeper
then the warm red liquide is all I can see
I feel light headed
I fall to the floor never to arise again
good night
good night all

-small fry


"The clock only ticks as the time passes me by. Thoughts run over and over in ones head displaying the images of the past. Times of laughter, joy, sadness, and pain all flow relentlessly. The clock only ticks as my time passes me by.....  "

- lone wolf

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