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Not to be

Minds going to explode
with contenplations on full load
confusion over flow
thoughts spinning out of control.
Feelings are slowing me down
hoping so hard to hit bottom ground
minds body poison, take my life
human finals test, shall soul fly.
truly to let go, not so easy to cry
so loud goodbye; for not a thing of importance
shall ears ring of, death will sing
bride of opposing pain
of dark nights shall bring
of graves barrel, not even money
buys the time of yesterdays smiles
I never asked to be
only playing with natures up bring
under suns lightening is to me
the power to see
bad day effects to bleed
less seeing of time
since good news is to crime
as innocent is to my rhyme
when I close my eye, think
not of ignored cry
but captured times
laying in the heart
existing till time runs dry
when you realize you have what you want
respect of ones; cry from lost love
letting go to lies, letting go to breath, letting go to life in style
forever watch me lay in honest smile.

-Chelsea Rose Siegel

Last update: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 14:01

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