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Just hold me, don't speak
I will not speak, words are useless
breakdown is near
deep eyes contain ocean and earth
yellow stars in gray skies
telepathically making emotional love
breakdown is near
so calm,so aggrivating
twitching nerves sleep with silver
veiny eyes cloud over almost white
cracked lips bleed wine
breakdown is near
breakdown, breakdown, breakdown
breakdown is here
i bleed hard screaming for mercy
it's not my fault
no strength to fight
all the strength to cry
no one hears me, no one listens
no one cares, no one cares
breakdown is here!
fragile silence, the eye of the storm
i'm fragile and cracking
tiny glass veins break my face
i blame others for my feeling
repeat. play the song 0ver
i'm sick
this red ink stains my palm
velvet fluid and blade collide
spurt dead-life into the kitchen sink
dream red haze dancing with my lover
awaken soaked with tears and blood
i'm sick
virus creeps into my lung from the bathroom floor
fall asleep on the cold tile
awaken once again and lose myself in the bedroom
rock me gently, don't break me
blue light calms my blood
i bleed no more
crawl into the bathroom and enhale all the pills
sleeping again breakdown is over

-sarah brinkley 5-6-00

Last update: Saturday, May 13, 2000 04:06

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