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Black Beauty

I have some relief now
I have my black 45 in my hand
A ticket to eternity now
Beautiful lady, with great power over life and death
take me away to a place where I have no pain
no remorse, no afraid.
Take me now with you
Let me fly over my pain and go away
very far, so far away
Dear 45 lady take me in your arms
like a lover, and love me, kiss me, hold me.
I am not afraid...
Take me with you
and just go away..

Antonio Limon (1966-1996)

Here is a couple of thoughts before I go..
Antonio Limon
Tucson, AZ

PD Sorry if I have some mispelling,
 Eanglish is my second lenguage


Some time ago I lost my sight.

No morning sun it's only night

There's a big black cloud

Always following me around.

It blocks the light, it brings the rain

It blocks my heart, it brings the pain

This big black cloud

Always following around.

The pain is sharp, as from a knife

I hate this pain, I hate my life

I hate this cloud

Alwas folloing me around

If I could cry, I'd let it out

If i could die, I'd be without

That big black cloud

Always following me around...

Webspinner's Note: Due to E-mail correspondence with another ASH poster pointing out the similarity between the above and another, older, poem, Black Cloud, I am referencing the other poem here.

A Goodbye?

Webspinner's note on posting these lines: I received this in my E-mail this weekend. This, and two other letters by the same author. I don't know that these will end up being the last that the author writes. Perhaps he can find the release in writing that I have found. Perhaps enough even to stick around another day. If not, I wish him well and a peaceful journey.

Last one...

"When I was born everybody smiles and I cry, 
but when I die everybody cry and I smile"

Antonio Limon

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