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I like the idea. An asher's funeral, attended only by asher's.

Imagine a coffin painted psychedelic colours, with smiley faces on the sides. And instead of mourners dressed in black, a bunch of happy people laughing and joking.

Instead of a hearse, we would use a bus.

The asher would be buried with the rope still around the neck or with the shotgun clasped across the chest, and with his/her face (if any is left) set into a beatific smile.

Everyone would give three cheers as the coffin was lowered into the grave.

A eulogy would be given by Doug Jacobson(if he was in a good mood), or one of the other highly literary ashers, followed by selected readings from the holy FAQ. Then steward would give a detailed technical dissertation on the method used, with everyone taking copious notes.

-The Grey Knight

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