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I received the following two letters from a lady who writes that her sister killed herself, using methods from the methods section of this website. I do not know if Debbie ever read or posted to the newsgroup or any of the lists. In researching this based on header information in the email, I have neither been able to confirm nor deny that this suicide did indeed occur; although I have found references to a Debbie Hiebert on the faculty of a K12 school district, I have found no information indicating either her suicide or a "sudden death", as suicide is often euphemistically referred to.

Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:12:12 -0800
From: Michelle Hiebert 
Subject: suicide

My oldest sister, Debbie, committed suicide eight months ago.  She was
found by our other sister on Easter Sunday.  Debbie was an extremely
talented, loving, creative, intelligent, gifted teacher, sister, and
daughter.  The middle-school students and former colleagues whose lives
she had touched made a video in her memory.  It was presented to us, her
family, at her memorial service.  Most people I know will never have the
impact on young lives like she did.  She was a friend to her students,
not just a body in front of a classroom.  Debbie was a computer teacher.
Among other subjects, she taught her students how to use the internet for
research.  On her last day with us she taught a small group of her
favorite students.  She then went home and conducted her own research on
the internet.  She downloaded your website and printed out information on
how to commit suicide using carbon monoxide.  She was successful.  And,
my family will never be the same again.


Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:17:03 -0800
From: Michelle Hiebert 
Subject: p.s.

Please publish my email in your newsletter and on your website.  You
provided a service to my sister, the least you can do is provide a
service to her family and friends.      

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