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Speak of the world
with a different eye,
and soon you'll be,
Frustrations drum,
your patience runs
away, every time,
working with closed minds.
But, patience held is "off" enough.

perceive the world
with an extra eye,
the trees are brighter
than the sky.
It looks all around,
sees the life that abounds,
in people, place or thing.
Only the few like me
are inclined to see,
the life inherent in a tree.

Look at the world
with an extra eye,
and soon you'll want
to loose the eye.
Or see in silence.
Before and to come,
those who see,
like living with the blind,
are stoned to death,
when is "oft' " enough.

The warnings are there
to see, so see
or end up like me

1981 D. Brown

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