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To My Parents

You care for me
I know
Even love me
Of course

I didn't turn out
The way you wanted
Have never been
As I was expected
To be

You go to great lengths
To please me
And it's appreciated
Even helpful
Just not enough

And if we meet
When I am down
We pretend
Not to notice

Just being
Among those I love
Is enough

When you leave me
It will hurt
It hurts even more
I never was
What you wished for

I doubt I am
The son you wanted
But you are doing
A decent job
Making the best of it

Thank you

I can't give you
The promising career
The loving daughter-in-law
The grand-children
The party-animal
The ordinary stuff

All I can give you
Is my life

But I want to take it

- Richard B. (1999)

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