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so tired

i have been livin here bout 8 years alone
im differant i dont know why
people only come around when they want things or they steal from me
but im so alone i let them
i dont know when my next attempt will be
i just hope it works this time
i havent wanted to live since 1976
sumtimes i think im crazy but i can act normal
i took alot of pills several times
ive woke up almost dead
i tried hangin once but just choked til my friend found me and cut me down
carbon monoxide hasnt worked either
i woke up once to find the plastic bag over my head was shreaded
only thing i havent tried is a gun
i think thats next
yes ive been seein psyc whatevers for years
but this thing inside me is too much to handle
i pray to god help me
i cant take it nomore
why do i feel this way
produt of my environment i guess
oh well sum monster inside me keeps me depressed
everyday is a struggle to be normal
to keep my secrets
to stay alive


Last update: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 15:36

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