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crack in the mirror.

I watch the visions before my eyes
I see nothing but shadows and lies

Cracked and shattered the visions seem pale
Hate pain and anger bleed through the vale

Shards of nothing crash to the ground
Blood and suffering come all around

Playing and dancing on my early grave
The mirror reflects it's hapless slave

Pieces of me crack and shatter on the floor
Dripping blood red and covered in gore

Blackness and pain start to fade in the night
In the hope for the end I stop and don't fight

Light and suffering blast away hope
I see the cracked mirror lost as I mope

Stolen! Taken! Ripped from my hands
Choices not mine strapped on with bands

The weight so heavy replaced on my back
A new mirror - fixed - like never a crack

Visions of me, visions of pain
My mirror broken, never in vain

I wait and carry the mirror given to me
But glass seems to shatter so easily

Shallow graves

Rotted pitted hollow corpses rising from the graves
Shallow broken holy ground puking up it's slaves
Shambling limping broken bodies searching to find peace
Never finding knowing seeing the death that is release
Hated hunted haunted souls never understood
Broken bleeding lives they lived hoping to be good
Lost and lonely searching slaving dead to one and all
I am from that shallow grave - living for it's call


Through the pain anger and despair
Through the visions of disrepair
Through the thoughts of death and dying
Through the nights with all the crying

I have a wish I have a call
I want, I need to end it all

In my heart I feel the pain
In my suffering I can't explain
In my loneliness I disdain
All the suffering I retain

I have a heart pitted and cracked
I have a life that's not in-tacked

Why in life do I feel this way
Evil alone and in dismay
Lost inside in my core
I hunt for peace - to be no more

In my center I feel true pain
I watch and know the skeptics reign
I wait for time to over throw
Choice is mine - this I know

In my core time is still
Eternity in suffering I will kill


Slamming doors
Thrown and locked
Twisting thrashing
Trapped and stalked
Watching feeling
Burning pain
Anger raging
Thoughts in vain
Tied and left
Hunters trap
Knowing fearing
Hunters slap
Open doors
Free enslaved
On their whims
My life is saved?
Never free
Never safe
Locked and free
In chains that chafe
Lock away
Protected faun
Trapped eternal
Life's best pawn
Trapped alone
Trapped afraid
Trapped in flesh
Traps I made
Freedom lurking
Beyond the door
Waiting hoping
Pain no more


Life is precious - life is pain
Pain is precious - life in vain
Vain and selfish your life a waste
Waste of flesh this life in haste
Haste of vision your life's all gone
Gone in mind to life a pawn
Pawn to pain and life a slave
Slave to others this life you gave
Gave to anger this life you take
Take a look at this life you make
Make alone a life not fair
Fair for some but life don't care
Care for self? this life you lost
Lost to pain now suicide's the cost

-Black Visions (aka SJTJ)

Last update: Sunday, March 14, 1999 22:03

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