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End This Life

Each day I awake I get so tired
Of the deathly way I had to be wired.
Depressed, hyperactive, insane
Good food and days just feel inane.

Won't some end my fucking pain
The sun went out and now it's rain.
Won't some end my fucking life
Pissed-off classmate, coworker or ex-wife.

I have no friends and no love
Happiness is not what my mind is made of.
I can't buy a gun, too long, damn Brady
Mocks me while I sit sighing listening to Slim Shady.

End this life, please end this hell
I have no one to talk to, or a friend to tell.
I slash myself every night all week
Why am I such a fag, a fuck, a geek.

Soon you'll wonder why I died
My only answer, suicide.
It's something I couldn't hide
Through all the knots I left untied.

And soon I'll be dead
Gunshot to the head.
Don't ask why, I don't know
Why, don't care, just say "so?".

End this life, place end this crap
Sitting here, sobbing, needing a nap.
Yes, sleep, I need to sleep
And may I never awake, not even to the alarm beep.

My mom, when my dad banged her
I wish she had a coat hanger.
I regret not doing this five years ago
And in five hours, I'll have a tag on my toe.

So now it's time to end my life
Full of hell, misery and strife.
Now it's time to end my life, end my life
End my

February 2, 2001
11:03 PM

-nick s.

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