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What do-gooders really mean when they type their uplifting and meaningless platitudes

An Uplifting Dialogue
and the reality of what's being addressed

Waiting for the Bus
just another onionhead's wonderful metaphor of a.s.h as bus-stop

-People-.  Not "resources"
We are people, discussing something of deadly importance.  We are *not* your research resource.

I don't like playing solitaire. Why should I do it?
I don't like orange Kool-Aid. Why should I drink it?
I don't like life. Why should I live it?

-emma b.

The Value of Meritorious Deeds
Some say doing good earns you merit and that gets you good things. We beg to differ.

No Saviors, Please!
So, you're convinced that your life was worse than anyone else's, but through dint of hard work or mind power or ghod you're feeling wonderful and need to preach your wondrous power and recovery? That's nice. Go away now, please.

The Emotional Risks of ASH
Those in society who dehumanize the suicidal in so many ways also do so by insisting that just because we support self-determination in suicide, we also must not 'feel' any sense of loss when someone succeeds.  Guess again.

lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change,
the courage to change the things i can,
and the wisdom to know when to give up and end it all.
-jill heather

The Strength of Community
A common accusation by trollers and preachers is that, by its very existence, makes suicide more likely.  Time to debunk another unfounded myth that's propagated by psychological and religious control freaks.

Do Not Tell Me...
Some people think "positive thinking" cures all.  Such people have never seen a true test, wherein positive thinking is withered along with all else.

Valentine's Day Survival Kit
A classic post dealing with appropriate activities for possibly the worst holiday for ashers to endure.

We are pain.  We are ASH.
The strange comfort of our shared pain.

People believe lots of lies on this planet, that's why most of them haven't committed suicide yet. 

A Scientific Explanation of ASH Trolls
Why posting a timeframe for departure is a bad idea, plus an explanation of the origin of shiny-happy trolls.

ASH: a Place for Those Without
Another post explaining the sense of community and belonging felt by people who feel rejected everywhere else because of their views on death.

Make me not be me
We do not wish to be who we are.  Even if who we are looks good to others, to us it is dross.  If you cannot understand this, is not a place you want to read or post to.

A Good-Bye Hello
A good-bye post which is equally a greeting post for those new to a.s.h

I hate this crap - my friends tell me this too - that people envy me.  But all these "good things" do not benefit *me* - they benefit those around me. My life sucks, regardless of what appears to others to be the positives.
Susan Smith

Primum, non nocere
So, you're seized by an overwhelming desire to "help" the poor suicidals by having us dragged away to a hospital for forced treatment?  How original..  Are you willing to "help" with the damn bills, too, or is your idea of help to actually cause –more– pain?

Read This Second
There's a widely-indexed suicide-prevention page, "Suicide: read this first", on the World Wide Web.  If you've read it, and it seemed rather trite, impersonal, and not really helpful, maybe this will help you get some of your thoughts together.

The Western Dismissal
There's lots of people out there who "care".  "Care" in Western Civilization usually consists of fobbing difficult people off on other people with words of "caring", such as "You should go talk to someone" (but oh gods not me - i don't have the time!)

45 Reasons Why Suicide May Not Be Such a Bad Idea After All
There is a list of "Good Reasons to say No to Suicide" occasionally posted to  To save ashers the need to answer that drivel over and over again, here is the canonical list of counters to those purported "reasons":

a.s.h isn't really a support group, but it's as close to a nonjudgmental, intelligent collection of understanding people as I've ever seen.

Blaming the Unlucky
To escape the notion that everyone is likely to have ill fortune at some time or another, people seem to feel the need to declare that the unlucky brought their misfortune upon themselves.  Commentary from an asher diagnosed with cancer on this need by the healthy and fortunate to curse the unfortunate.

The Not So Good Earth
What is "normal"?  And does it matter?  We all wind up in the same place anyway.

the pain no-one else will acknowledge
Others in society say that a person who is totally consumed by the pain of existence has no reason to die.  In doing so, they add to the pain and alienation and increase the need to suicide.

Suicide: the Recourse of the Selfless
Suicide is often referred to as being the ultimate act of selfishness.  In fact, it's often the first act of selfishness - when one is worn down by constantly putting everyone's needs and expectations ahead of one's own needs.

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" Suicide often arises not from a hatred of life, but from a lust for it, a desire for things to be otherwise, for life to be full when it appears not to be. "
- Stephen Levine

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