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Being the 'freak' that I am, I don't fit in too many places but ash has certainly been a home for me. Back in Sep. 98, having only had my computer a little over 2 months, I somehow found ash and it saved me.

I've been welcomed and welcomed others.
I've laughed and cried.
I've commented on everything and then lurked.
I've learned and, hopefully, taught.
I've spent late nights pouring my heart out and spent other late nights trying to comfort others who've poured their hearts out.

I've come to know some of the most honest people I've ever encountered through ash and even met one and hopefully am going to meet 2 more soon.

Ash feels more like a home than I have ever had where I was never encouraged or even allowed to express any emotions.

I am always listening - and sometimes spouting off. I'm thankful, more than anyone could ever know, for the existence of ash and its posters and lurkers.


Last update: Sunday, June 20, 1999 21:58

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