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Suicide is the recourse of the selfless.

Most people who are suicidal, especially those on this board, aren't doing it to get the last laugh, or to make people feel bad. It is because their coping resources are outweighed by the needless shit they have to slog through on a daily basis.

And what do depressed and suicidal people do when this shit happens to them? They hold it inside. Father molested you? Don't tell a soul, you don't want people worrying. Boyfriends/girlfriends treat you like shit every day of your life? Hold it in, you don't want their feelings to be hurt. Parents yell at you and beat you for the slightest offense? Go along with it, you don't want to hurt anybody by rebelling.

I've noticed so many people on this wonderful board, saying things like they wish they weren't going home for the holidays because they don't want to get caught up in their parent's BS or chaos.

But they go anyway. They put on the fake face of happiness, and suffer through a few days of being treated like animals so they can preserve the feelings of those around them.

And it builds every day. Every little insult, every memory of childhood trauma, every time you were put down, beaten and used by those around you threatens to obliterate the tiny glass jar in your heart that is brimming with hate and sadness. Waiting for that final day when it will just explode and leave your insides a shattered, cut up mess.

Suicide isn't another selfish act in a long line of selfish acts on that person's part. In fact, one could say it is the FIRST thing somebody tries to do for themself rather than soldiering on for the sake of those around them.

Suicide is not evil. It is the final, and sometimes, only recourse that many of us have to deal with the burdens that have been unduly thrust upon us by an apathetic "greater" being, or through random chance and chaos, whichever you prefer.

Always remember my friends, that people can force you to die. They can rape you until you are dead, stab you to death for your $20, sentence you to die for a crime you did not commit, and accidentally blow your brains out while hunting deer.

But nobody, NOBODY, can force you to live. Your life is your own, and don't let ANYBODY tell you that suicide is wrong. It is every well-informed person's birthright to choose when they will die. Emotional pain is just as damaging as any physical injury, and the law should reflect that rather than driving the depressed further into themselves, repeating the same goddamned cycle I just mentioned, by saying it is wrong.

If you are tired of walking through the desert, searching for the oasis that will provide you relief from your pain for the rest of your life, then do what you need to to end this search. If you are as tired as I am of eating sand every time you fall, because God was not there to catch you, warn you, or was the one who stuck His foot out in the first place... do what must be done, whatever you feel is best, to end your pain.

P.S. Any God who abides and condones rape as a part of their Divine Plan, be it God, Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Kami-sama, Buddha, or whatever you want to call him/her/it/them, is not worthy of worship. Don't turn to religion to save yourself, for you will find nothing there. A god by any other name is just as corrupt.


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