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The Value of Meritorious Deeds

I would like to offer advice to those who are suffering right now and who want life to be a happier experience. I have tested this theory, and so far it is TRUE. For most people, I hope that in your life, if there is one thing you never must learn, IT IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY RIGHT NOW. But if you are an a.s.h. troll, MEMORIZE THIS AND REPEAT IT TO YOURSELF EVERY MONTH.

  1. As you accumulate merit, you find that merit is empty, and life gets worse.
  2. To accumulate merit WORK HARD and do GOOD deeds.

But don't just do good deeds. Don't just work hard. Do a LOT of good deeds. Work VERY hard. Or work at deeds that will do good for a lot of people. For example, I work very hard. I write user manuals for biomedical equipment. They will be translated into many languages and will help others save lives all over the world. But when I come home at night, I curl up in bed alone, wishing I could cry, because the world is barren, meaningless, and empty.

And so, I personally do not guarantee that good things will start happening to you if you work hard at doing good deeds (which is not strange in my opinion). I have been testing this theory out for many years now. It has taken that much time to verify my two statements above. If you want a universal law... Those two statements are part of it.

If you have a goal of working hard, doing your best, and performing at least five good deeds a day, eventually others will burden you with all their work and troubles. I hope you are feeling masochistic. I am sorry I can't be more specific. You must experience it yourself to really understand what will happen to you. Skeptics and a.s.h. trolls... please try it out. It will really change your opinion.

-emma b.

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