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You have no idea how insulting this is.

After reading your savior-posts, I cried for the first time in months. And seeing as I was in the lab at the time, amidst people, this was a Bad and Scary Thing.

Do you want to "save" my life? Do you even know what life is? I don't think you do- you're much too caught up in it. Does saving my life entail ensuring that my heart is beating, that I am respirating? Does God pay you by the heartbeat? I would certainly hope he doesn't pay you commensurate to the joy I experience; you wouldn't be able to purchase a cup of coffee in Heaven.

Aside from various poets I've encountered the people who post here are some of the few people I've met who I believe know what life is. Why? Because we miss it. Because we want it more than you'll ever know.

Life is having someone else care one whit for you above "Of course I'm concerned. I'm a Christian. I'm supposed to be."

Life is being touched.

Life is being loved.

I am NOT living a life. For whatever reason, my circumstances have chosen to tear me, unkindly and in whole, from the fabric of human experience. Right now, I am a lump of flesh carrying out sundry clinical functions. For you to suggest that I even have a "life" to save, only shows that you have absolutely no empathy for my situation. YOU are being patronizing. YOU are being degrading.

Is this getting through? Does this penetrate your dogma, MR. SAVIOR?

Fuck. I'm going to cry again. :-(


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"There is a lot of poetry and philosophy that you can access from the members of Don't preach to them, or they will heap the biblical hot coals of Saint Peter upon thy head..."
-"Jerry" of alt.christnet.prayer
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