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What's wrong my fellow human being on such a lovely day when the bunny rabbits are out and the flowers have sprung?
My life is in ruins, I cannot cope with it anymore because of a constant permanent depression that I cannot lift myself out of. No matter how good or bad my life gets I still feel utterly depressed and apathetic.
Well don't worry, all you need is to put in a spot of hard work (somehow) and then you will be as right as rain!
But as I said, I feel depressed whatever. I have tried to block out the pain by drinking which made me alcoholic which lost me my job, friends and family and now I am alone and in a much worse situation than before.
Oh dear. Well don't do anything silly now will you?
Why not?
Ermm, why? Well ... you can't say you will do anything silly whenever things are a tad difficult.
I just have.
Yes, but you cannot mean it.
I just have.
Yes, but life is special.
You will be happy and bright again soon enough.
I have been suffering from permanent depression for the whole of my life!
But if you put in some hard work you will be happy and bright!
But it was the hard work that led to the break down as I had more to lose!
Oh don't cry!
Perhaps you cannot cope with the idea personally that I am depressed and think that suicide is a cop out because it is not a viable solution for yourself? Disregarding of course my own personal history and probable future ...
Ermmm...Yes but killing yourself is not an option!
Because life is special!
Because ... we have one!
Well if we didn't have one we would be dead!
Well you wouldn't ever see the beautiful things in life!
Like I do anyway ... And besides which, if I never existed then I would never miss them!
So what you are saying to me is that for you life is nothing but pain and that suicide is a viable option in order to stop the pain you need to stop the life and there is no other way? You call this a viable option?
Yes. Why not?
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"Men are never convinced of your reasons, of your sincerity, of the seriousness of your sufferings, except by your death. So long as you are alive, your case is doubtful; you have a right only to your skepticism."
-Albert Camus

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