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Hello all —

This is my last post. I want to address the Newbies first. I remember when I first posted here, I read of people saying goodbye. In their posts they'd say their farewells to others, like it was a big club I'd never be able to join. Not so.

In time, you will make connections. Either you'll post something that really hits a nerve, and you'll get personal mail on top of ash posts. People will get to know who you are. Sometimes they'll be blunt with you but that's because they care. Or you have a question that remains unanswered, and –you'll– contact someone. I used to feel out of place here, and now that I'm really comfortable, it's getting close to the time to catch the Greyhound by the crossroads at midnight. *sigh*

Let's get out the magic mirror. Oooooh, I see Sidhe sighing, and Tik-Tok tocking, and Steward with his wise advice, and Cider's got the blues, and there in the past is the Queen of ASH, Sylvia Plath, from whence I , Brian, got my fake name. And I see everybody!

I can't say when or how because I've received one personal letter from a cheerio trying to intercede. But my last advice to all is to educate yourself on methods. I've found the ashfaq site most helpful, as well as asking via posts or letters. To those who did write, I will close <boy47> very soon. Sorry I came, glad I stayed, sorry and glad to go.

–Sylvia Splat

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