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This site is being maintained in a largely frozen status as a record of what the newsgroup was like. Information about the newsgroup, FAQs, associated lists, and so forth may not be current. Consult the relevant resources to learn how they define their group, list, or whatever at this time.

This site neither has, nor has ever had, either chatrooms or posting areas.  It simply serves as a repository for some posts from the newsgroup and some of the spinoff email lists.  If you've read somewhere that you can find chatrooms or places to post on this site, that information was incorrect.  Some of the below links are to other sites which have such facilities, but as no substantive changes to this site have been made since sometime in 2002, those links may or may not work. the newsgroup
Link to the Google interface to USENET netnews

Predators amongst us
Occasionally people see as a feeding ground. Read this and be warned that there are some very weird people out there.

ashspace graphic
With the number of different mailing lists, websites, and so forth that have grown out of the newsgroup, things get quite confusing at times.  This is a graphic showing where the different areas of "ashspace" came from.

The first ash-like mailing list spawned by a.s.h, this list was originally called the "Lemming Lounge".  Of the lists related to a.s.h, this is the closest in nature to the newsgroup.  ash-l has no restriction on joining; disruptive persons may be placed on moderated status or removed from the list.  Known trolls are subject to immediate removal at the discretion of the moderators.

This mailing list was spawned by ash-l in an effort to provide an even safer (nota bene: there is no absolutely safe) place for posting.  The alt-suicide-holiday list requires that persons joining be verified by an ashspace posting history.  Occasionally exceptions are made to the verification process at the discretion of the moderators if there are sufficient indications that someone without an ashspace posting history is not likely to be a troll.  This list tends to be fairly dormant except during high-troll periods.

SuicideNL is een Nederlandstalige mailinglist voor mensen met suicidale gedachten. Inschrijven kan op (leeg mailtje sturen).   Let op: Naar aanleiding van een stemming geldt momenteel een anti-methode beleid. Dat wil zeggen, de lijst is niet bedoeld om zelfmoordmethoden te bespreken.

Thisbe's zelfdestructie pagina
A Dutch-language website. (This site is entirely in Dutch.)

talk now
irc channels related to ash and/or suicide

what now
a synopsis of what ash is, and website acknowledgements

stay now
how to contribute poetry and other content

Frequently Asked Questions about the Webspinner

"Tomorrow is another day. Damn."

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